Bonos de casino online

A Welcome Bonus is the way an online casino says “thank you for joining”. It’s free money you can use to play. There are a few types of Welcome bonuses offered by online casinos. Take your pick and make the most out of it.

How to choose a good bonus at an online casino

Before we start, there’s something important you should understand. Despite the fact that it’s an vital one, your welcome bonus should not be the only criteria that determines whether you pick that particular online casino.

We handpicked these online casinos as the best in the world but make sure that the one you pick has what matters to you. Maybe it’s mobile software? A large selection of games? 24/7 customer support? There are dozens of online casinos and the majority has significant differences.

But as we said, the bonus offer is definitely worth looking into before you register. So, let’s get straight to that now.

Deposit bonuses may serve many purposes. They allow you to essentially play for free, try out different games, minimalize loses as well as maximize your winnings. Nearly every casino in the world has a welcome offer to motivate you to pick them. Why should you miss out on that?

But be aware of not to pick any bonus. Most of them look nice but you have to dig a little deeper to really know it’s good. Online casino bonuses differ in size, wagering requirements, time limit to meet these requirements and additional offers that come with the bonus. Sometimes it’s free spins, an entry to a raffle, while other times there’s nothing.


This is pretty simple. Even though nearly all casinos offer a welcome bonus, they differ a lot in the maximum amount you may get. Some differ in multipliers while others differ in size. Multiplier applies only to deposit bonuses. For example, 100% up to $600. In this case any deposit up to a maximum $600 will be equally matched as your bonus.

Deposit bonus multipliers start at 20% and can go to up to 400% (sometimes even higher) but most often you’ll see casinos offer 100% bonuses. That means if you make a deposit of $100, casino will add another $100 to your account, if you make a $50 deposit, they will add $50.

Contrary to what you may have heard, size does matter. At least as far as online casino bonuses go. In most cases, deposit bonuses will have “up to” written next to the amount. Whether it is $100 or $4,000, it’s the maximum you may get as a bonus. Guess what? If you make a deposit of $110 at an online casino that offers 100% up to $100 deposit bonus, you will get $100.

However, occasionally casinos have fixed offers. It may be something like $20 No Deposit Bonus or $100 bonus for a deposit. In the case of the former, you are not required to make a deposit at all. Register and your account will be credited with the sum that the online casino offers. In the case of fixed deposit bonuses, any deposit made will result in the same amount you will get from that casino. However, there is sometimes a set minimum of $5 or $10.

Withdrawal of the bonus

Naturally, an online casino can’t just give money away. They would be out of business in a few days. So, to be able to withdraw the free money they give you, you have to fulfill some requirements. There are three criteria you should pay attention to – time, wagering requirement and game limits.

Time limit

Time limit is the limit of days you get to fulfill the requirements set by an online casino. It can be anywhere from 15 days to 60 or sometimes even 90 days.

Wagering requirement

Wagering requirement is possibly the most important factor separating a good bonus from a bad one. Because what’s the point of a bonus that is nearly impossible to claim? Yes, you will get the bonus as soon as you make a deposit (or register in a case of a no deposit bonus). But some bonuses that look good, have incredibly high wagering requirements making in nearly impossible to ever be able to use withdraw the money.

Wagering requirements determine the amount of times you have to wager your bonus, to be able to withdraw that. For example, if you get a $50 bonus and the requirement is x10, you will be able to withdraw any winnings as soon as you have wagered $500.

Sometimes, the amount is as small as 10 or 20. But quite a number of nice looking bonuses actually exceed 40. But there’s another important criteria, closely related to wagering requirements. That’s – game limits.

Game limits

This is very close to wagering requirements we just talked about. The amount you have to wager to use the bonus also may differ with games you play. Let’s say you only play on slots. You have two similar looking online casino bonuses available. The first is $100 bonus with x20 wagering requirement, other is $100 with x10 wagering requirement but a few game limits (like 20% contribution from slots). You will complete wagering requirements of the first bonus after you wager $2,000 but the second will not be available for withdrawal until you have wagered $5,000. See how wagering requirements relate to game limits?

Some more skill-based games (like Baccarat) may be excluded altogether. That means that whatever you play on it, the amount doesn’t count to your bonus wagering requirements.

Other games may have different contribution (weight) set towards clearing a bonus. Ideally, an online casino will have no restrictions but almost all of them do. As a general rule, the more skill based the game is, the less weight it will carry towards wagering requirements. For example, $50 wagered on slots may all apply to bonus wagering requirement but only 20% of same $50 wagered would apply if it would have been wagered on Blackjack.

Game limits and contribution (weight) differ from casino to casino, so make sure to check Terms and Conditions for all the details.

Additional offers

When an online casino offers you a bonus, make sure to look out for anything else they add to that. Only on rare occasions your welcome offer starts and ends with a deposit bonus. So keep an eye out for various promotions, second (third) deposit bonuses or reload bonuses,free spins, giveaways, raffles and more.

There’s an array of options available and if you plan to make the most out of an online casino, you have to know what else they offer. These additional offers may carry less value than the deposit bonus but can still be rather generous.